Hector Lange-Sanchez was born in Managua, Nicaragua and moved to Southern California in 2003 where he was raised. He began playing the trumpet in the 6th grade, and has dedicated most of his playing career to bettering his skills in trumpet, audition and winning positions in several local and regional honor bands as well as community orchestras, jazz bands, and concert bands.
Because of his education he was able to play across the country, most notably in Carnegie Hall with the University of the Pacific Symphonic Wind Ensemble. He was also able to travel to 7 countries in Europe, touring and performing around western Europe with the Southern California Ambassadors of Music. He was a part of the “Redlands Jazz Kids” organization for over 10 years where he learned to play jazz and even performed in a major competition in Disneyland, winning Sweepstakes with the group.
Now he is living in Northern California, starting out his career as a music educator and private music educator. He hopes to make a difference in students’ lives through the power of music which has given him so much.