For Brass & Woodwind Players:

Reeds & Reed guards, Ligatures & Mouthpieces, Silk Swabs, Snakes & Brushes, Care & Cleaning, Valve Oil & Slide Grease

For Guitar, Bass & Orchestral String Players:

Strings & Rosin, Picks & Capos, Shoulder Rests, Straps & Strap Locks, Peg Winders

For Drummers & Percussionists:

Drum Keys & Tuners, Drumsticks, Brushes, Practice Pads, Stick Bags

For All Musicians:

Tuners, Instrument Stands, Music Stands, Music Bags, Lyres & Flip folders, Instrument Cases

Music Books:

Method Books (All Instruments), School Band Books, Sheet Music, and fun books too!

Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Percussion kits, Violin, Cello, Guitar, Recorder

 *Instrument brand preference may or may not be readily available.  Please call or email our facility if a specific brand and model is desired.

We offer a wide selection of dancewear for all ages.

Class wear: 

Leotards, Tights, Ballet & Jazz shoes, Practice tutus, Jazz/hip hop pants, Shorts

Performance wear: 

Changing Leotards, Tights, Shoes, Costumes, Tutus