McLaughlin Studios has opened our doors to students of all ages and skill levels for the past twenty five years.

We cater to anyone with an interest in expressing themselves through music and dance. Our teachers' main focus is giving the students a well-rounded education in their chosen instrument or dance style. Students will gain a further appreciation and understanding of art forms, while acquiring the skills they need to continue their musical and dancing endeavors throughout their lives.

McLaughlin Studios Music Education Facility offers an extensive program of individualized music instruction as well as group classes. Private lessons ensure that the student has the undivided attention of the teacher and can progress at a level suited to them individually whereas group classes allows the student to work together with others to create a cohesive musical experience, such as a band or ensemble. Our staff consists of professional educators and musicians dedicated to providing a unique and stimulating learning environment to students of all ages. A variety of styles are taught such as pop, jazz, rock, theater and classical to name a few.

Music is a performing art and McLaughlin Studios provides music recitals three times per year to ensure our students always have a performing venue to work towards. In addition, students have the opportunity to participate in various community events throughout the year. Contact the studio office to start your musical endeavor today.